Help for FileSculptor


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Questions and Answers

Does FileSculptor work on my computer or server?

FileSculptor works on any version of Windows for desktop, from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10. FileSculptor also works on Windows for server computers, from Windows Server 2003 to the latest Windows Server 2019.

Do I need Excel to read or write Excel files using FileSculptor?

FileSculptor has an internal reader/writer of Excel spreadsheets and has the option to use Excel to read or write files. This means it can be used with or without Excel. Its internal reader isn’t fully compatible with all sorts of spreadsheets that Excel is able to create. Use the internal reader/writer If you are creating or reading simple spreadsheets and if you want to run FileSculptor on .BAT files and scheduled tasks on the server without Excel.

How can I convert multiple CSV files appending to a spreadsheet?

Use our guide How to Batch Convert CSV files to Excel Using FileSculptor to learn how to create a project t convert files and include a filter to read multiple source files, moving then to a processed folder.

Can I convert a CSV file to another CSV with different columns?

Yes, you can. FileSculptor supports any source (CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX) and any destination (CSV, XLS, XLSX) . So you can convert from any format to another, or the same format with a different layout, including calculated fields.

How can I schedule a task to automatically convert files?

Use our guide How to Schedule Tasks to Convert CSV files Using FileSculptor to learn how to create and save a project and run it from the task scheduler included on all versions of Windows.

Isn’t FileSculptor a Windows program? How can it run from Command Prompt?

FileSculptor is a program for Windows, but it includes a FSRUN.EXE utility to run from command prompt or .BAT files. The FSRUN utility reads and processes the same projects created by FileSculptor.

How can I put an icon on the desktop allowing a user to convert a file with one click?

Use our guide Automatically Convert CSV to Excel to create a project to convert files and FileSculptor will create an icon on the desktop to run the project whenever the user clicks on the icon.

How do I create calculated fields? Does the field formula support IF?

Use our guide How to Create Calculated Fields Using FileSculptor to learn about the functions available to use in formulas of calculated fields. Yes the formula can contain the IF conditions and much more.

How do I convert a CSV file to Excel?

Use our guide How to Convert CSV to Excel Using FileSculptor.

How do I convert an Excel Spreadsheet to CSV?

Use our guide How to Convert Excel to CSV Using FileSculptor.

When I load a CSV file, why all the content appears in only one field?

Usually  a CSV file have fields separated by commas, but sometimes another character can be used, like a semicolon. Inspect the field’s contents to discover which character was used and click on the character in the Delimiters Section. The preview grid must show the fields correctly to continue with the file conversion.

Why the field names are using  data from my file?

Usually the first line of a CSV file or spreadsheet contains the field names. If your file or spreadsheet does not contain such information, FileSculptor will show the first line of data as field names. To fix this, uncheck the option “file contains field names on first line” in the Fields and Values Section.

How do I select or reorder fields in the exported file?

In the Export tab, you can select one or more fields from any source, by selecting the source in the Destination Content section, and using the Add and Add All buttons. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to reorder the fields on the exported files.

How do I create the exported file?

After configuring the source file(s) in the Import tab and the destination file(s) in the Export tab, click on the Run Now button in the Run tab or select Run Now from the Run menu to process the configured file conversion.