Convert Between CSV, XLS and XLSX Files

FileSculptor is a file conversion tool to convert files between the formats CSV (Text), XLS (Excel 97-2003) and XLSX (Excel 2007-2016).  FileSculptor will save you time if you have to convert files and transform data frequently. Does not require Microsoft Excel.

Main Benefits

  • Convert files between the formats CSV, XLS and XLSX
  • Select and reorder fields
  • Create calculated fields using Excel-like functions like UPPER, CONCATENATE and LEFT
  • Save the process and repeat it anytime
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FileSculptor Main Window
Import one or more source files in the formats CSV, XLS or XLSX. Preview the content of the data to be converted on a grid.

FileSculptor Transform Window
Create calculated fields based on fields from the source files

FileSculptor Calculated Fields
Configure calculated fields using Excel-like functions like Upper and Concatenate.

FileSculptor Export Window
Export the converted data creating or appending to the destination file in CSV, XLS or XLSX formats

Command-line support

The FSRUN utility brings support for command-line operations,  using the same conversion projects created by FileSculptor. You can use it in BATCH files or schedule jobs in Windows to convert files frequently.

Below is a sample batch file using FSRUN to convert all CSV files in INPUT folder, appending data to a spreadsheet in OUTPUT folder, and moving the processed files to PROCESSED folder if the conversion succeeded or ERROR folder if the conversion failed.

@echo off
rem call subroutine "onefile" for each file to be processed
for %%f in (.\input\*.csv) do call :onefile "%%f"
rem main program must end with exit /b or goto :EOF
exit /b
rem SUBROUTINE "ONEFILE" ---------------------------
echo Processing file %1...
rem convert file, moving it to processed folder if conversion succeeded
rem or to error folder if conversion failed
fsrun -r convert.fsc -src:source1 %1 > nul 2>&1
if not errorlevel 1 (
echo Processing of file %1 succeeded!
move %1 .\processed\
) else (
echo Processing of file %1 failed!
move %1 .\error\
exit /b


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Data Conversion Guide

If you are looking for a one-time conversion job, our Data Conversion Guide is a set of tutorials teaching how to manually convert data between different file formats, for example how to convert CSV files to Excel using Microsoft Office Excel.